Download of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0

The package includes 11 items (examples, lib, bbc256x, bbcsdl, Box2D231.dll, SDL2.dll, SDL2_net.dll, SDL2_ttf.dll, zip, zlib1.dll). I cannot open anyone of the above files! I tried with the "bbcsdl" (the coloured green one) SDLIDE version 1.29a ( toolbar commans - File, Edit, Utilities, Options, Run and Help) and did some work, writing programs, Saving them and Loading them, as well. Nothing else! How I will open the other files?


  • DLL files are Windows shared libraries, they are used by the EXE to provide the various SDL capabilities and aren't meant to be opened directly.

    The types of files you can open are the .bbc files, of which there are many in the Examples directory.
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