Deploying a BBC BASIC program in a browser

This information can be found elsewhere, including in the main BBCSDL documentation, but for the record this is the easiest way of deploying a BBC BASIC program for running in a browser:
  1. Having written your BBC BASIC program, first test that it runs correctly in a browser. To do that open the Compile dialogue in SDLIDE (click on the 'cogs' button in the toolbar, or select 'Utilities... Compile' from the menus).
  2. In the Compile dialogue that is displayed, select the 'Deploy as a web application' checkbox and click the Test button. That will run your program in your default browser; if it runs OK you are good to go, otherwise you will need to fix any problems identified.
  3. Once your program is running in your own browser as you want it to, click on the Create Application button (again, with the 'Deploy as a web application' checkbox selected). This will create a 'web bundle' file, with a .bbb extension, in the location specified in the 'App bundle' field.
  4. Upload that .bbb file to your website (or to Dropbox) and publish the following URL for people to be able to run it:
    substituting URL_of_web_bundle_file with the URL of where you have uploaded your .bbb file.
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