BBC BASIC for Console v0.41 released

I have updated the Console Mode editions of BBC BASIC to version 0.40. The changes in this version are:

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of @% whereby setting the field width (LS byte) to zero didn't have the correct effect.
  • Hexadecimal addresses passed to *commands are now assumed to be unsigned. This fixes a problem (on 32-bit editions only) when the address is in the top half of the memory map.
  • Fixed a warning issued by GCC 11 related to the way the pseudo-random number prand is handled. This doesn't affect operation.
  • Added a new example program which is a console version of the program of the same name supplied with the GUI editions (it solves simultaneous equations by inverting a matrix).

Version 0.40 may be downloaded from the usual place.


  • Thanks for this - you might be interested to know I was able to download and run on a Pico at a local Tech Shed gathering yesterday, and say a few words about BBC Basic as a handy REPL and a handy way to program the Pico for an application. I wasn't in a position to measure the boot time, but the blink program seems to start more or less instantly, and I pointed this out as being an advantage of the Pico as compared to the Pi.
  • Richard_Russell
    edited March 18
    I have updated the Console Mode editions of BBC BASIC to version 0.41. The changes in this version are:
    • Added support for serial I/O, for example the EXT# function returns the number of characters waiting in the input buffer.
    • Added a new example program which is the famous 'guess the animal' program, which learns from its mistakes (sort of).
    Version 0.41 may be downloaded from the usual place.
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